Cacao Be Essential Oil 10ml


Cacao oil has a delicious, rich, chocolatey and warm aroma. Widely used in gastronomy, perfumery and mainly in the chocolate industry. The best combinations with carriers are hazelnut and macadamia vegetable oils.


Product Details

Name: Cacao

Scientific Name: Theobroma cacao

Method of extraction: Absolute extract

Part of plant: Fruit

Country of origin: France




Cacao essential oil has catechins in its composition, molecules like the ones present in Green tea, that can reduce appetite [1]. 



Cacao essential oil improves mood by stimulating the production of endorphin and serotonin (like chocolate), also beneficial for sleep and well-being. 


Other uses

Cosmetic and Perfumery

The cacao essential oil has antioxidant properties,  prevent skin degradation and protects against free radicals. It is excellent in blending with citrus oils to prevent their oxidation. It can be used in lotions, soaps, fragrances and makeup. 



There is no common side effect but always test essential oils in a small area before use. 


How to use

Absolute oils can be naturally denser at room temperature. In cold temperatures may be necessary to remove the dropper for use.



[1] - Yung-hsi Kao, Richard A Hiipakka, Shutsung Liao, Modulation of obesity by a green tea catechin, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Volume 72, Issue 5, November 2000, Pages 1232–1233,
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