Coffee Be Essential Oil 10ml


The oil is derived from Coffea arabica, a specie of plant traditionally used to prepare our daily and common coffee. Rich in caffeine, it improves the body's metabolism and acts as a natural thermogenic, aiding in weight loss. It also stimulates the breakdown of fat and helps in the treatment of cellulite. Coffee oil can be used in massage creams.


Product Details

Name: Coffee

Scientific Name: Coffea arabica

Method of extraction: Cold pressed

Part of plant: Roasted beans

Country of origin: Brazil



Cosmetic Antioxidant

Coffee essential oil has high antioxidant potential and fights free radicals, assists in rejuvenation by softening wrinkles and expression lines. It is indicated for facial treatments as it has a tonic effect and leaves the skin firmer, as it stimulates collagen synthesis. 



Studies showed that caffeine promotes the release of catecholamines and stimulates a metabolic rate and thermogenesis of brown adipose tissue, which is expected to reduce obesity. Caffeine also upregulates the expression of uncoupling protein 3, which has been linked to carbohydrate metabolism and type 2 diabetes.[1] 



Do not use it on injured skin and in the eye area. In case of irritation discontinue use. In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water. External use only, do not ingest.


How to use

Coffee Essential Oil is concentrated and should always be used diluted, whether in vegetable oils, oily extracts, creams, etc. The concentration may vary depending on the type of use and should not exceed 15%.

Do not apply on the skin without dilution. 



[1] -Bisht, S., & Sisodia, S. (2010). Coffea arabica: A wonder gift to medical science. Journal of Natural Pharmaceuticals, 1(1), 58.
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