Damask Rose Be Essential Oil 10ml

Damask Rose

Damask rose is the main species cultivated for essential oil extraction, mainly in Bulgaria, Turkey and Morocco. Renowned for their fine fragrance, whether damascus, red or white, is one of the most sought scents in aromatherapy and perfumery.

With a powerful, floral and unmistakable aroma, rose oil is extracted from its petals and is an ally in skincare. It takes about a thousand of roses to craft 10ml of its essential oil.


Product Details

Name: Damask rose

Scientific Name: Rosa damascena

Method of extraction: Absolute extract

Part of plant: Petals

Country of origin: Bulgaria

Main Components: Phenethyl alcohol (30.76%) 



Cosmetic and Skincare

Damask Rosse essential oil has the capacity to regenerate, heal and protect the epidermis. Its composed of ntioxidants and monoterpene alcohols such as nerol, citronellol and geraniol, that contributes to hydration and regeneration for  skin. 



Rosa damascena (rose damascena) is one of the main oils used in perfumery in the world. Its scent is very flowery and slightly sweet. It is the rose used for the most feminine perfumes.



Recommended for pregnant women and babies via aroma diffuser. Even though it is safe, it should preferably be used diluted with another vegetable oil. 


How to use

Always perform the dilution to a maximum of 3% performing a test on the arm before using it and associated with a carrier oil. Never use directly on the skin.
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