Sweet Orange Essential Oil 10ml

Sweet Orange

Sweet Orange essential oil, unlike its juice, is extracted from the cold pressing of the fruit's peel. Widely used as an aid in liver detoxification, as a digestive, in water retention problems and as a mild sedative. 


Product Details

Name: Sweet Orange

Scientific Name: Citrus sinensis

Method of extraction: Cold pressed

Part of plant: Fruit rind

Country of origin: Brazil

Main Components:Limonene (95,30%)



Sweet Orange oil has numerous properties, both for internal and external use, and is one of the main oils used within aromatherapy. 


Digestive problems

Sweet Orange essential oil is carminative, helps with digestion, nausea and heartburn, whilst continuous use helps with water retention. It has beneficial properties to the stomach lining as well as intestinal motility and digestive or bile secretions. 



Sweet Orange essential oil promotes better sleep quality, helps treat depression, stress, irritability and anxiety, but has a milder sedative effect than lavender. It can also be used in cases of insomnia, preferably on a cloth near the head of the bed, as its colour can stain pillowcases and pillows. Improves mood and increases energy. Some studies have shown that the diffusion of orange oil can reduce anxiety in adults and children in stressful situations such as dialysis and visiting dentists [1]. 


Circulatory problems

Limonene present in orange oil is an effective solvent. It can be used in reductive massages, taking into account its photosensitizing composition.

A recent study showed inhibitory activity of limonene and its metabolite, perillyl alcohol, on the expression of P-Selectin protein, which may reduce the risk of venous thrombosis without affecting the coagulation factor [2]. 


Other uses

It is a purifying oil for the environment and acts as a natural insect repellent. Sweet Orange essential oil diffusion in the environment has a sweet aroma, ideal for promoting relaxation and joy for everyone around. 



Its external use is recommended for pregnant women over 3 months of pregnancy, children over 3 years old, adults and animals, according to professional advice.

It is a photosensitizing oil. Given cold pressing, this oil brings furanocoumarins that can cause skin stains if exposed to sunlight. The alternative to this problem is the use of distilled oil, which does not carry this molecule with it.

People with asthma must be sure to consult a doctor before use. 

How to use

It is an aggressive oil for the skin, especially if used and exposed to the sun. Preferably do not apply on the skin without dillution. If you do, test on a small area beforehand. Its use must be carried out with a maximum dilution of 20% in carrier oil. 



[1] Alessio P, Mirshahi M, Bisson J-F, Bene M. Skin Repair Properties of d-Limonene and Perillyl Alcohol in Murine Models. Antiinflamm Antiallergy Agents Med Chem. 2014;13(1):29-35. doi:10.2174/18715230113126660021

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