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For Women Collection

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The collection For Women has been created to meet the needs of women. It combines three carefully selected essential oils to offer specific benefits:

  1. East Cape Mānuka: This Aotearoa oil is known for its healing properties and can help with emotional balance, healing wounds and acne, and promoting a sense of wellbeing.
  2. Bergamot: With its refreshing citrus aroma (it is the notable ingredient in Earl Grey tea), Bergamot oil can help relieve stress and promote a sense of tranquility.
  3. Geranium: This floral oil is often used to balance emotions and improve mood, making it valuable for women's wellbeing.

These essential oils work together to address the specific needs of women, promoting emotional balance and overall wellbeing.

Please note that essential oils have various properties and potential uses, and the list above highlights some of their key characteristics. To learn more about each oil, read our blog or search for the product on our website.

100% Pure essential oil

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